Learn to Swim & Water Safety

California - Chinatown YMCA of San Francisco - Safety Around Water - 2020

The Chinatown YMCA has provided swimming and water safety to the community since 1926. As the only swimming pool in the community, they have a long history of providing aquatic programs for low-income youth.

In 2010, the Chinatown YMCA opened a renovated facility, with a new 5-lane 25-yard pool. They teach swimming curriculum provided by Y-USA aquatics experts reaching over 600 youth each year.

With the support of PCMF USA, the Chinatown YMCA will provide free swim and water safety lessons to 150 of the most vulnerable youth in 2020. Target population is children ages 6-14 who are low-income. 60 of the children will receive a 8-week small group swim lesson session. Swim lessons are designed to introduce scaled skillsets from being comfortable in the water, treading and floating to swim strokes and breathing techniques.
90 youth will attend the Safety Around Water curriculum during Spring Break. This curriculum, designed by Y-USA introduces basic safety skills within the pool, swim and safety techniques, and out-of-water lessons about keeping themselves, friends and family safe near water environments.