Learn to Swim & Water Safety

Canada - Quebec - 06.01 - 19.12.2014

On the advice of Foundation Ambassador Alexandre Bilodeau, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation collaborated with the “Société de Sauvetage“ (a non-profit organisation whose purpose is the prevention of drowning and water-related traumas) by funding their programme, “Swim to Survive” in the Quebec Province.

The funding provided by the Foundation covered the year 2014 and permitted the Lifesaving Society to recruit local schools to participate in the Programme. They learned the skills necessary to survive in case of an unexpected fall into deep water.

The first part of the subsidy was used to educate children from January to June 2014. With this funding 1,320 students aged 8 and 9, representing 31 schools from the Quebec Province learned survival swimming skills. 

The second part of the funding was used to continue the programme from September to December and by December 2014, a further 1,944 children benefited from this programme. 

The programme's final objective was to reach 3,300 children.

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