Learn to Swim & Water Safety

Quebec, Canada - Lifesaving Society - Swim to Survive - 2019/2020

The Swim to Survive program has been created by the Lifesaving Society to prevent drowning. It has been designed as an educative and active field trip. In addition to playing a key role in drowning prevention, the program gets the children to move and gain self-confidence, and encourages them to visit aquatic facilities on a more regular basis.

The Swim to Survive program is offered to 8+ year-old students (3rd to 6th grade in elementary school).

The Swim to Survive Standard allows to assess each child's aquatic skills and to teach them the basic skills they need to survive an unexpected fall into deep water
1- Orient themselves at the surface after an unexpected entry: roll into deep water
2- Support themselves at the surface and look for a safe location: tread water for 1 minute
3- Swim to safety: swim 50 meters

By the end of the project, more than 13,500 students will have completed the Swim to Survive program. At least 25% of these students will come from low socio-economic areas.