Learn to Swim & Water Safety

New York - Swim Strong Foundation - Swim Strong Swim Programs - 2024

Swim Strong Foundation's mission is to save and change lives through water safety education and teaching swimming skills, with the goal of reducing death due to drowning and water-based accidents. For over 17 years, Swim Strong has provided free and affordable programs throughout the year to underserved communities in the New York City area, engaging students and families in swim classes and water safety education programs.

PCMF USA supports Swim Strong's introductory Learn to Swim programs, including Get Ready Get Wet, a water acclimation program, and Learn to Swim, including basic stroke techniques, flotation and treading water.

Swim Strong works in one of New York City's most underserved community, Far Rockaway, a coastal community between the Atlantic Ocean and Jamaica Bay. Beginning with Get Ready Get Wet, Swim Strong works closely with each student to assess their level of comfort in the water and basic abilities moving in all directions in the water and floating on their back. From there, students can move into Learn to Swim to learn basic swim strokes, how to tread water and proper breathing techniques. Water safety education is incorporated into each lesson and covers respect of the water, understanding differences in different bodies of water, when it is acceptable to go into the water (lifeguarded beaches/pools, with a friend, not during a thunderstorm/appropriate weather conditions).