The Foundation


Board of Directors
The Foundation is administered by a Board of Directors, invested with the most extensive management powers. It has the following missions:
  • Seeing to the Foundation's objectives
  • Decreeing the general principles and instructions necessary for the Foundation's activity
  • Establishing and evaluating the annual action programme
  • Adopting the budget for the upcoming year and approving the financial statements of the past financial year
Composition of the Board of Directors
H.E. Maguy Maccario Doyle, President
Ms. Dara Torres, Vice President
Ms. Karla Modolo, Secretary & Treasurer
Mrs. Wallis Annenberg
Mr. Patton Howell Caldwell
Mrs. Catharina Elliott
Mrs. Susan Kelly von Medicus
Mr. Greg Louganis

Executive Office
The Executive Office of the Foundation is composed of the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary/Treasurer.

Its mission is to supervise the activities of the Foundation. It manages its current business and implements the decisions of the Board.